PhytoLogica Testimonials

“I’m a 58 year old carpenter/superintendent that has been dealing with chronic pain and inflammation in my ankle for over 30 years. I have had several operations hoping for some kind of relief, to no avail.

“My wife and vigilant nurse (she’s a photographer) is always searching for something to ease my pain. She found these Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture (oil) and balm products for me to try.

“Here we go again, another snake oil cure all! Well, as not to disappoint her, I gave them a try.

“I started with a couple of drops of the tincture (oil) under my tongue and a lite coating of the balm to my ankle. I truly felt little if any relief for the first 5-7 days. However, it wasn’t long after I started to notice the pain and inflammation was slowly decreasing. I have been using these products (once a day) for the past 2 months and haven’t had to use anti-inflammatories nor pain killers since.

“Sure, I know it’s not curing the issues in my joint. But, it sure eases the pain. I truly recommend these products and hope you have the same if not better results.

“Remember, don’t give up. Give it some time. It doesn’t happen overnight!”

John Metz

“My name is Dr, David Fischer and I began using PhytoLogica 1000mg Tincture and 25mg. Softgels based on recommendation.  I was experiencing general body aches and pains in my back, neck and arms from being a chiropractor and adjusting all day, and also playing ice hockey twice a week.

I began experiencing instant (day of) results and less symptoms and frequency immediately.  I also noticed more restful sleep and waking refreshed.  I was amazed.  My wife mentioned how I wasn’t complaining of the severe headaches I have had after being diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome.

I am very pleased with the relief I’ve had from PhytoLogica and would recommend to anyone and everyone.  I felt amazing and without any toxicity feelings. The only side effects are feeling better!!!”

Dr. David Fischer, Basking Ridge, NJ

“I am a 29 year old military pilot.  For the past few years I have had incredible muscle tightness in my left shoulder and upper back.  I attribute this to sitting for long hours with poor posture.  I would often find myself begging for someone to jab their elbow into the area around my shoulder blades for some relief.

I started using the Full Spectrum Hemp Balm (500mg/oz).  At night I would take a hot shower, followed by about 30 minutes with a heating pad on my back and shoulder to loosen up the area as much as possible.  After that, I would apply the balm and go to bed.

It took 5-7 nights to start noticing a significant improvement in mobility and flexibility in my shoulder.  I didn’t realize how much pain I was in because I just dealt with it, but now having had some of that pain alleviated I am generally less irritable and the pain is not distracting or detracting from my work which is a huge help.  Overall, I am very satisfied with the balm and its benefits exceeded my expectations.”


“I am a fulltime housekeeper and mother of 3 young children. I was suffering from major back pain and my doctor was giving me steroid shots that didn’t help and made me gain a lot of weight. I told doctor no more shots and I tried 350 mg PhytoLogica tincture and that same day my pain was gone and I slept so well. Pain hasn’t come back and I can’t believe what great results the tincture gave me so fast. Very, very relieved and happy.”


“I am a grandmother of three grandchildren and very active and involved in care giving. I’ve had chronic inflammation in my knees and legs for [the] past couple years. I started using PhytoLogica Topical Balm on the areas I needed relief. Within a couple hours of applying the balm, my aches and pains went away. I continue to use every day and now it is much easier for me to walk and go up and down the stairs! Really grateful for this product and would recommend to anyone my age suffering from same issues. I plan to try the tincture as well!”

Nermin, 67 years old

“After researching other companies, I decided on PhytoLogica due to their 3rd party testing and GMP manufacturing compliance. I purchased a few from other companies as well.

“The next objective measure for me was to purchase products and try them out on myself and other people. I utilized VAS and numeric pain scales as appropriate, along with active/passive range of motion changes and strength improvements. Inflammation/edema was recorded with circumferential measurements and affect changes, mood emotions, etc. PhytoLogica products excelled in all areas with repeated measures and personal outcomes.

“After my case studies, I contacted the company to order products wholesale and they could not be more helpful. I am writing this to help others decide if this company is the one you should invest your money in and I can say wholeheartedly, don’t hesitate.”


“I really like the potent quality of these, plus the different forms they come in. I muscle tested these against several of my clients and they check very well for a wide range of issues, especially pain relief and being great for the nervous system. Hemp itself is arguably the most beneficial plant, but the quality matters a tremendous amount, so that’s why it’s important to get it from a quality source with lab tested results like this. It’s nice to have more variety formulas like this especially when made in the most bioavailable ways to maximize the benefit to the body. Thanks for the great products!”

Kyle Wagner

Future World Healing

I am a Physician in California – and while I prescribe this for my patients, this is the first chance that I have had to use it. I had a fractured tooth that was giving me quite a bit of trouble due to the fact that I developed an Abcess. I started on Antibiotics, but it was CLEARLY the hemp tincture that made a difference. I dosed myself 4x per day for 4 days (right directly on the area) – and had been using it also at night to help me sleep. I’m sleeping like a baby – and the pain control for my tooth was unbelievable. Thank You Heather and PhytoLogica !

Dr. Alexander Thermos

“I had surgery when I was 12 years old for scoliosis. My spine is fused from top to bottom, I have herrington steel rods in my back holding it all together, and my lower back has been in constant pain since my 20’s. Now that I am almost 40, I have been researching natural alternative pain solutions since I don’t want to take opiates and even if I did, I get violently sick on them. So, it’s no better. I decided to try CBD oil to see if [it] would alleviate my constant pain. I chose Phytologica because I wanted the best product out there and to feel safe I was getting purest and cleanest CBD oil on the market. I took the 1000 mg tincture and it started working within 2 days and I can finally move again without excruciating lower back pain. It was incredible!!”

Gina Henderson, NV

“I had major surgery about 3.5 months ago on my chest. After a silly idea to join my son on the trampoline, I did a back hand spring for the first time in 10 years and immediately felt pain in my left chest. It radiated throughout my neck and shoulder.

I started using the PhytoLogica 1000 mg tincture and topical balm and just after a couple of uses I started to notice that my pain substantially subsided. I used the balm in the morning and the tincture morning and evening. I would wake up sore and within about 30 min or so I felt relief.

It’s been 3 weeks and I feel a lot better. I was so worried I was going to end up back at the doctor but I took it easy, rehabbed a bit and kept up with the tincture. I’m super excited about these products!”

Aubrianna Lemoore, CA

In the Fall of 2017, I underwent surgery to address pinched nerve pain I was experiencing in my lower back from a bulged disk.  During my recovery, I was still experiencing a lot of pain, discomfort and inflammation so I asked around if anyone could recommend a non-opioid pain / inflammation management remedy.  A friend encouraged me to checkout PhytoLogica’s Hemp-based products.

After researching products on their very informative website, I purchased PhytoLogica’s 10mg Soft Gel Hemp Extract Capsules and their Peppermint flavored 350mg Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture.  I started taking every morning 2-3 drops of Tincture under my tongue and every afternoon (1) soft gel capsule.  Almost right away the nerve pain in my lower back and legs started to subside and the healing started to accelerate.

It’s now been a few months and PhytoLogica’s products have become part of my daily regimen.  I’m now convinced the Hemp Extract Tincture has specifically helped to reduce the anxiety I frequently experience from working in a high pressure environment and the 10-25mg Soft Gel Capsules help my body recover quicker anytime after playing sports or working out.  I’ve already started recommending PhytoLogica to all my friends and family.

Brian Green

“I am an executive in the financial industry and have a very stressful job. I used to get frequent migraine type headaches. To help with my pain, I previously had to take Ibuprofen/Advil frequently, but that caused other problems in my body. I started using the PhytoLogica 10 mg Softgels and after first time taking (2softgels) it relieved the headache I was having. I continue to take everyday and I feel great with lower stress/anxiety feelings, and most importantly I don’t suffer from chronic headaches anymore.   Very happy with the product!”

Selin, 45 years old, NY, NY

“I just finished my first bottle of the PhytoLogica softgels.  It took a bit for it to kick in, but now I’m confident it has helped my back a good deal.  I don’t have pain at all, where I used to be very sore in the mornings and throughout the day if I skipped my back exercises.  I may try the tincture next.  This is good stuff!!!”

Mary, Austin TX.

“I’m a therapeutic massage therapist and I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in my anxiety and better quality of sleep. I take 10mg softgel and 1/2 dropper of tincture in the morning and 20mg at night to help me sleep. I also believe it helped me lose weight due to less stress.  When I have pain in my neck and shoulders, which is frequently, I use the balm and feel instant relief.”

Wileen Arellano

Owner, Advanced Therapeutics

“Although normally the main reason I am using CBD or full-spectrum hemp in general is pain management, I was surprised at how effective this tincture was at controlling constant motor tics. Normally CBD tincture products take a while for me to feel the effects of, but this one was different.

“Only about 10 or 15 minutes after using this, I felt a sudden but powerful sense of calm, and my tics started to become less severe.  I can say that this feeling lasted for about 2 hours, which is great for me… In my opinion, PhytoLogica has created an outstanding topical pain relief product…Overall, the PhytoLogica Full Spectrum Hemp products are as good as it gets!”

Read Adam’s complete review here.

Adam Kemp

Pro Basketball player & Fitness Trainer

“I recently was gifted a bottle of the tincture (350mg) in the hope that it would help with my daily anxiety and recent pains. My anxiety happens mostly when I wake up in the early morning and also mid-day during work to the point of nausea. I use this and almost immediately get relief.

“Also, my shoulder sometimes pops in and out of socket which obviously, is very painful. With that said, the pain is highly reduced to almost nothing after my use of the tincture. I’ve already told multiple co-workers about the product and they’ve gone on to purchase some themselves and have told me that it works for them with sleep and pain issues.

“I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from use of this product and others in the product line. Highly recommended!”

Taylor, 27 years old, Las Vegas, NV